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Housing Programs is prepared for your CARES Act - COVID-19 * Rental Assistance and Small Business Grant * response. Below are links to examples of our websites and online forms which are fully integrated into a local database for your application processing without the need for in-person contact. All data is entered by the applicant for your review from approval and document signing to funding. Providing both speed and accuracy. Housing Programs is prepared to set-up and/or manage your programs.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

Small Business Grant (SBA)

  • Who is the target renter demographic?

Former Middle Income Families

Middle income families are the new "low income" families.

Unemployment assistance works in favor of the normal low income family, in many cases unemployment is affecting them in a positive way giving normal low income families additional disposable income. Former middle income families are affected in a negative way due to the COVID-19 virus. They are left with the inability to meet their rent and utility obligations.

  • Which small businesses need help?

Non-Essential Small Businesses Need City Help

Small businesses that have been forced to close because they are "non-essential" have the largest need for assistance. When the stay-at-home order is lifted they need to be able to reopen their doors for business and bring their employees back to work.

The "Paycheck Protection Program" doesn't protect the non-essential businesses. Without working employees they do not qualify.

Non-essentials need city help to keep their businesses intact until they're allowed to reopen and bring their employees back to work.

Help with rent and utilities is essential so their place of business remains viable and ready to open without the debt of back rent holding their business back.

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  • What is HP recommending?

  • Our goal is to assist as many tenants and landlords as possible with limited funding.

  • This can be accomplished through need based rental assistance, making sure residents are receiving the right amount of help.

  • Landlord concessions, encourage them to do their part to help make the grant dollars go further.

  • This approach will help more tenants and landlords.

  • What is HP recommending?

  • Our goal is to save as many businesses as possible so that employees and small business owners will be able to return to work the "stay-at-home" order is lifted.

  • This is accomplished by assisting "non-essential" businesses who have had to lay their employees off, close their doors and stop their business and flow of income completely. These businesses need rent and utility assistance so they can remain viable and reopen, bringing employees back to work.

  • Business landlords also need to make concessions to allow city dollars to assist more businesses.

  • This approach will keep more businesses and landlords ready to go back to work.

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