Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Programs

Owner-Occupied Rehab Programs

Exterior Improvement Programs

Rental Rehabilitation Programs

Lead-Paint Abatement Programs

Household Qualification / Underwriting

1.     Calculate household income;

2.     Obtain verifications from third parties such as IRS, employers, Social Security, Employment Development Department, retirement benefits system, etc.;

3.     Review asset documentation for income calculation and evidence of additional unreported income;

4.     Review credit report for evidence of assets and additional unreported income; 

5.     Prepare and transmit all correspondence including additional information requests, approval, denial letters, etc.

Environmental Reviews

1. SHPO Compliance

2. HUD Form....

Loan Document Preparation / Execution

1. Grant or Loan document preparation, review of PIRT;

2. Document signing and review of terms with applicant;

3. 3 Day Right of Rescission;

4. Truth in Lending Statement